Praying With Strangers

Last week I had strangers ask if I wanted to join them in prayer. It surprised me. I had a really strange and emotional day.

I started out at church at 8:30am to attend a talk by Ray Ortlund, a Pastor and author from Nashville, TN. We had been using his book, “When God Comes to Church” this past summer to go with the sermon series. I have not read the entire book, but I have read about half of it. The book is about revival. It’s not a topic I had every really thought about it to be honest. His talk was really interesting and we had the band worshipping at the end of his talk. They mentioned that if you needed prayer you could go and talk to one of the pastors. I was a little embarrassed, but felt like I should do that. I was getting emotional thinking about my current work situation.

I feel so stuck.

I moved to NC for a specific job. I had never been here and did not know a single person when I moved here. I didn’t realize how different the culture would be from Michigan.

I’ve lived here now for about 2 and ½ years, and I still feel like I don’t belong. The one thing that has helped was getting involved in a Community Group at church. We meet every Wednesday evening and talk about the previous week’s sermon and our lives. It’s a safe place to not be okay. And everyone needs that. For the last couple of months, with trying to find a new job, I have been feeling more hopeless and depressed than I have in a very long time. Everyone keeps telling me that God has me where He wants me, and that I just need to be patient.

Patience is not something that I am good at.

I keep trying to lean on God, and am praying a lot, but some day are just harder than others. I miss my parents, and my friends back in Michigan.

I went to Barnes and Noble for the afternoon, because it was raining here (again) and spent about four hours there just browsing. I sat down in one of the empty chairs and three people were sitting there, talking in Spanish. The one guy introduced himself, and so I introduced myself too. My Spanish is alright, but by no means fluent. So I didn’t follow everything that they were saying. Who am I kidding, I didn’t understand…. Barely any of it! But I noticed that he had CS Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” on the table with his notebook. The other gentleman said he was a Pastor, so of course I asked about the church. I had heard of it, but never been. I told them where I went and we chatted pleasantly for a couple of minutes. I went back to my reading and thought that was the end of it. Later, when they were about to leave, they asked me if I wanted to pray with them.

I thought that it was nice of them to ask. They prayed in Spanish first, which I didn’t understand, but then he started in English, and they prayed for me. And it was just beautiful thing that made me feel so much better…. Just the fact that these people, who don’t know me, were willing to do that for me.

It made my heart hurt a little less. And that was just what I needed at that moment.



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