Break In

Yesterday our home was broken into.

Back Door

My roommate called me at 5:15pm and said the back door (glass) was broken and she was calling the police. I was still at work, so I headed home. I felt frozen with fear.

I still feel afraid.

The place was a mess. They went through everything. They stole electronics and jewelry. Jewelry that had been gifts…. the earrings my mother got me for my birthday, my nice watch….

I feel so utterly violated, and I wasn’t even there when it happened.

The police came out and did a report, and then the processing team came and took pictures and even fingerprints (I was surprised they did all of that). We talked to the neighbors but no one had heard anything. We live in a townhouse connected to two other places. Our neighbor was home from noon until 5:30pm and never heard anything.

I’m so angry I don’t even know what to do….

I can’t believe that people do this- take your stuff, damage your home, and then go and try to sell it somewhere. The laptop they stole had been a gift from a friend, since I didn’t have one and have been job hunting. It had my Adobe software on it…… along with my resumes and cover letters. I have all of that stuff on a flash drive, but it’s just infuriating.

I thought we lived in a safe area. Now I’m not so sure.

I have never been more aware of the fact that I am a single woman in her 20’s. I have been thinking that I should go and take a self defense class, or get better with a gun. I don’t own a gun currently, but I know how to shoot. I am totally freaked out about what would happen if someone broke in and I was home…. This might be the instance that propels me to take action.

I never want to feel this way again.

Praying that the Holy Spirit would give me a sense of peace and safety today.


Praying With Strangers

Last week I had strangers ask if I wanted to join them in prayer. It surprised me. I had a really strange and emotional day.

I started out at church at 8:30am to attend a talk by Ray Ortlund, a Pastor and author from Nashville, TN. We had been using his book, “When God Comes to Church” this past summer to go with the sermon series. I have not read the entire book, but I have read about half of it. The book is about revival. It’s not a topic I had every really thought about it to be honest. His talk was really interesting and we had the band worshipping at the end of his talk. They mentioned that if you needed prayer you could go and talk to one of the pastors. I was a little embarrassed, but felt like I should do that. I was getting emotional thinking about my current work situation.

I feel so stuck.

I moved to NC for a specific job. I had never been here and did not know a single person when I moved here. I didn’t realize how different the culture would be from Michigan.

I’ve lived here now for about 2 and ½ years, and I still feel like I don’t belong. The one thing that has helped was getting involved in a Community Group at church. We meet every Wednesday evening and talk about the previous week’s sermon and our lives. It’s a safe place to not be okay. And everyone needs that. For the last couple of months, with trying to find a new job, I have been feeling more hopeless and depressed than I have in a very long time. Everyone keeps telling me that God has me where He wants me, and that I just need to be patient.

Patience is not something that I am good at.

I keep trying to lean on God, and am praying a lot, but some day are just harder than others. I miss my parents, and my friends back in Michigan.

I went to Barnes and Noble for the afternoon, because it was raining here (again) and spent about four hours there just browsing. I sat down in one of the empty chairs and three people were sitting there, talking in Spanish. The one guy introduced himself, and so I introduced myself too. My Spanish is alright, but by no means fluent. So I didn’t follow everything that they were saying. Who am I kidding, I didn’t understand…. Barely any of it! But I noticed that he had CS Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” on the table with his notebook. The other gentleman said he was a Pastor, so of course I asked about the church. I had heard of it, but never been. I told them where I went and we chatted pleasantly for a couple of minutes. I went back to my reading and thought that was the end of it. Later, when they were about to leave, they asked me if I wanted to pray with them.

I thought that it was nice of them to ask. They prayed in Spanish first, which I didn’t understand, but then he started in English, and they prayed for me. And it was just beautiful thing that made me feel so much better…. Just the fact that these people, who don’t know me, were willing to do that for me.

It made my heart hurt a little less. And that was just what I needed at that moment.


The Infamous Baby Quilt: Part 1

Quilts are beautiful pieces of art.

And great to snuggle in. I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt. It’s because I have two beautiful quilts that were made for me as a baby. Mine were both made by one of my parent’s friends, Karen Schubert (sp?). Anyway, she made the first one, which is pretty traditional, and then found out that my mom thought it was too “pretty” and was afraid I would spit up all over it, and so wasn’t using it with me.

She then proceeded to make another one, a little less traditional, so I could have a more “casual” quilt. The second one I hold dear because it has kids drawings on it. It’s also tied, not sewn together.

Baby Quilt
Baby Quilt
Close Up Baby Quilt
Close Up Baby Quilt

They are both so cozy and the amount of work that goes into one…. let’s just say that I now understand why they are so expensive!

I started the easy way: taking a class! I took my class at Cary Quilting Company, which is local-ish for me. I took a sampler quilt class, which essentially means we would learn a bunch of different blocks to make a quilt top (just the top!).

Let’s just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I figured, if Laura Ingalls Wilder’s sister can quilt (they didn’t even have a sewing machine), I should be able to figure it out! (Side note, I grew up reading and re-reading those books…. they were some of my favorites as a child)

  • Step 1: Pick out your fabrics. I’m going for a “modern” baby quilt (no blue or pink) Nothing predictable!
  • Step 2: Cut up your beautiful fabric (you will want to cry)
  • Step 3: Follow your pattern (we used a book in our class) to sew your block together

I am definitely still a newbie in this world, but I like to follow Quilt Dad (he’s also in NC!) and Julie at Jaybird Quilts for awesome inspiration and checking out what the pro’s are doing!

Here is my first block:


It definitely came out waaaaaayyyy smaller than it was supposed to… about 2 inches short on each side. I was having trouble keeping my 1/4″ seams 1/4″. That seemed to get better as I did more sewing. I ended up re-doing that whole block later!

I have a binding class coming up this weekend so I can figure that part out as well. I have to say that it is so much more work than I anticipated but it’s definitely going to be awesome when it’s finished!

I’ll work on getting more pics of my blocks up this weekend!

L Will Save Me

Still trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I’ve been watching some videos on WordPress, since I’m pretty much totally clueless about all of this.

On another note, I had a big win today. I finally got a new (used) car!! I’ve been car shopping for awhile (which was horrible) and I finally did the paperwork last night and picked up my new Honda today! I’m incredibly elated/relieved to have a new vehicle that will be more reliable for me than my previous one. I’m terrified to have a car payment (I’ve never had one before) but I guess this is what being an adult is all about? Bills? It’s absolutely crazy to me but it will be a huge piece of mind to not have to worry every morning if my car will start or not.

New Honda
The NEW Honda in all of its glory!

Work has been pretty miserable as of late, and so this win is something I am not taking lightly. I am CELEBRATING and thanking God for this good news. I really needed it.

Persevering and attempting (sometimes unsuccessfully) that it could be worse. At least I’m employed.

Labor Day is coming up, which means an extra day off next week….  YAY!!

Taking it one day at a time….


Just Do It

It’s a slogan for Nike…. but it applies to life as well. I’ve been wanting (and ignoring) my desire to start a blog for awhile. It seems I have countless reasons to NOT start one…. but mostly it’s just fear. There’s this thing on Pinterest that I keep seeing, about how many times the Bible says “do not be afraid”. And I’m trying to focus on that. I am not the one in control.

Fear will paralyze you if you let it.

So here goes nothing….